Study in the United States

Study abroad – Come to the new knowledge horizon
The United States, with more than 3,600 universities and 500 different majors, has created opportunities for international students to choose the right course of study. If you have decided to choose America as your stop, it is essential that you first do and think, select and apply to the appropriate school and meet your requirements.

Although the cost of living, tuition and all other expenses for studying and living in the US is higher than other countries, applying for a visa to the United States is not easy, but students All over the world and even Vietnam still want to study in the US. In fact, over the past few years, the number of people studying in the US has increased steadily, now thousands of Vietnamese students are studying and studying in the US. What has made the United States so attractive to them?

Variety of courses and majors. Students of all ages and different choices can be accommodated. International students can study from high school, college, vocational school, university, university … with diversified fields from Business, Finance, Banking, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Medicine Pharmacy, Law, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical, Electronics, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Arts, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Agriculture, Fisheries … with 3,600 universities Studying throughout the United States.

Universities in the United States have a lot to offer
Great educational quality

The United States has the best university system in the world, with excellent training programs in almost every field. At the undergraduate level, the traditional subjects as well as the specialized fields have the best training programs. At the postgraduate level, students often have the opportunity to work directly with some of the most famous scholars in the world. US qualifications are recognized worldwide for excellent training quality.

Many educational opportunities

The higher education system in the United States is always suitable for everyone. Some universities focus on broader educational principles; others focus on practical skills related to employment; But there are some who specialize in the fields of engineering, the arts or the social sciences. As a result, if you are looking for a training institution where you can study a specific field – no matter how unusual or specific – you may find some universities in the United States to choose from.

Modern training technology

U.S. universities are proud to be a pioneer in technology and educational technology, and enable students to use the best possible equipment and learning materials. Even if your field is not directly related to science or technology, you will also become proficient in using the most up-to-date technology to collect and process information. You will also find ways to communicate with colleagues around the world during your later career.

Transition to and between schools

In the United States, students sometimes study at a school for some time and then “move” to another school to complete their bachelor’s degree. Some students move from a two-year college to a university; others move from one university to another. It is possible to transfer some courses from Vietnamese schools to some universities or colleges in the United States.

Most students transfer to university in the third year but many schools accept transfers at other times. When choosing a school to apply for, you should study each school’s policy regarding the timing of transfer or the acceptance of transfer students. You should start applying for at least one year before you want to enroll in a new environment.


For High School – College – University – Postgraduate

For overseas students

– Passport is valid for at least 01 year.

– Two 4×6 white backgrounds. Two pictures of 5×5 white background (according to the regulations of the US Consulate).

– Interview fee 140 USD and Sevis fee 210 USD (depending on time).

– Identity card, birth certificate (photo).

– A graduation diploma, or provisional certificate.

– High school transcripts of the last three years, or current grade report from the college.

– Other certifications such as TOEFL, IELTS or English certificates, certificates of merit,

– For postgraduate programs, there must be a TOEFL 550 and at least 2 years of relevant experience in the same field.

For Parents

– ID card, household registration, marriage certificate.

– Certificate of ownership of land, red book, building permit.

– Business license + tax registration certificate.

– Income tax invoice for the last 6 months.

– Evidence of family income about $ 4,000 / month.

– A bank statement and a bank account of $ 30,000.

– Photos taken with the family